One size does not fit all. Each person has a unique situation with a unique set of financial needs. Perhaps your need is to accumulate a nest egg for retirement or generate a stream of income. Our goal is to identify your specific financial needs so that we can find the proper solution.


Every investment has a different level of risk. Investments that produce higher returns typically have a higher level of risk associated with them. On the contrary, higher levels of risk can also produce larger losses. We do not believe that determining your risk tolerance is as simple as filling out a questionnaire. We want to take into consideration your complete financial picture along with your personal preferences and experience.


It can be a balancing act at times to look at pursuing a return you are happy with while still feeling comfortable with the risk you are taking. These crossroads are sometimes based upon our emotions and logic. Having a team of professionals who evaluate and manage risk is not assured of success, but certainly can be a strong advantage in financial management.

We offer using actively managed portfolios in accounts where appropriate. There are also choices in fixed income and other types of fixed stock or mutual fund portfolios if active management does not fit into your objectives. We do manage investment portfolios and can monitor positions for price changes and news information.


We can plan for things and events in our lives. Yet, there are times when we are faced with unexpected changes. Retirement planning may need changes from a change of employer, a lay-off, spouse enters or leaves the workforce, or a disability. Life can throw a variety of curveballs at us. Having advisors who specialize in providing well thought out choices for various changes in retirement planning can offer strategies, suggestions and guidance.

It can be 5, 10, 15 years into the future or just next week. Retirement can become a great transition where your working career has provided resources to engage in leisure, travel and just enjoying having freedom over your day.